Optical Shop

The Twenty200 Eyewear optical shop fits the eyewear needs for the whole family – women’s, men’s, kids’ at a wide range of prices.

We’re an independent, non-profit eyewear center with a unique mission – all purchases help support job creation for people who are blind in our community.

We realize everyone shops for glasses differently. Glasses are so much more than frames – there are so many choices to make on lens types, materials, coatings and treatments. Whether you’re looking to understand every available option or come in, get a quick recommendation and get out, our approach is driven by kind, patient service.

We offer a range of non-prescription sunglasses as well as the ability to customize blue-light blocking screen reading glasses without a prescription.

A great way to get started shopping with Twenty200 Eyewear is a second pair of your existing prescription or a set of prescription sunglasses. To purchase prescription eyewear, all you need is a valid Rx. Need an exam? Get one next door at https://wiseeyesofwinston.com/services/comprehensive-eye-exams/Wise Eyes Family Eye Care.

To get started – just stop by! Our optical shop is open to the public.

“The service is outstanding, no pressure with tons of options. And it feels good knowing I am supporting employment for people who are blind.”
– Laura B.
Twenty200 Eyewear
Open M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm.
631 Coliseum Dr NW, Suite 101
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

What you can expect

Finding the right eyewear

Just bring in a recent prescription and the engaged, experienced opticians at Twenty200 will help find the best frame-fit for your prescription and face type. We carry a wide range of styles and price points for the whole family – women’s, men’s, kids’ and unisex styles.

Personalized service

You might know exactly what you need, or you prefer to browse. Our opticians will partner with you to find a “new look” or bring you a range of options based on your own style selections and budget. Your trust is our priority, in both our service and your new eyewear.

Frame and lens work in partnership for the best vision

Your lifestyle shares a lot about what kind of frames and lenses are best. If you’re active or spend lots of time outdoors, a flexible, durable frame with a Transitions® or polarized lens may help you see your best. If you primarily wear glasses to help see your computer or other digital device, consider a lightweight frame with a blue light-blocking lens. Our opticians will help you make the right choice for your life and budget.

Style & Performance

We’re proud to accept the following insurances, as well as provide you any paperwork to file for your own insurance.

Twenty200 takes CareCredit.

Have a question?

Amy Brandon

Anette McCurdy
Licensed Optician, Manager

With more than 20 years serving the Winston-Salem community as a licensed optician, Amy is well-acquainted in how to guide the frame and lens choices that best fit your life. As someone with a busy schedule, she understands the needs of customers requiring expert service on-the-go and for those who want to browse, she is happy to answer questions and partner with customers to find the “new look” they desire.

Annette McCurdy
Licensed Optician

Anette enjoys helping others find the perfect pair. She is excited to learn your personal style and her 20 years of experience allow her to guide you in selecting the appropriate lenses for your unique vision needs. As a licensed optician, Anette knows choosing the right eyewear is an important experience and she strives to be a trusted resource and partner.

Dr. Lindsay Totten
Next Door at Wise Eyes Family Eye Care

Independent optometrist Dr. Lindsay Totten specializes in managing ocular diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and dry eyes. Dr. Totten is trained in the areas of primary care optometry, emergency eye care, ocular disease, contact lenses and pediatrics. She believes that the best healthcare relationships are built on mutual trust, and strives to involve patients in personal decisions about their care.